Instructor-Led Coding Classes

Enroll learners in classes, assign work and track progress.


Create classes, enroll students, and teach a variety of programming subjects using the Classes platform.


Teach your students coding using a variety of innovative tools like Flashcards, CrunchCards and ClueCards.

Learning Materials

Quickly add your own learning materials and re-use them again in your own courses and classes.

Ease of Use

Very easily create your classes, enroll students, assign work and collaborate with students.

Platform designed for you and your students

Virtual Classroom
Platform provides a virtual classroom for communication and interaction via updates, messaging, class log etc.

Teaching Tools
Teach programming with interactive tool and test student's knowledge with coding tests and challenges.

Collaboration Tools
Event calendar, task list and discussion forums help streamline collaboration in class.

Progress Tracking
Assign badges, track learning and coding progress of your students. Awards certificates upon completion.

Learning tools for your students

Publish Assignments

Create Materials

Community Library

Programming Exercises

Programming Challenges

Hands on Projects

Learning Flashcards

Interactive Cards

Programming Quizzes

Programming Tests

Online Code Editor

Learning SlideDecks

Curated Videos

Answer Forums

Learning Pathways

Personal Evaluations


Class Listing

Publicly list your class, manage your class fee (FREE or Paid) and student enrollments etc.

Enroll Students

Simply send invites via existing members or via email and enroll students.

Assignments and Gradebook

Assign work, accept students responses and even grade them.

Student Collaboration

Send messages to individual student or the whole class. Record and share class notes and more.

Join now and start your teaching journey by creating your first class!

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