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Workshop, Contest, Bootcamp, Hackathon or Seminar


Create a event, enroll members, and teach any coding or software related subjects using our platform.


Members learn and practice using innovative tools like Flashcards, CrunchCards ClueCards, Programming Challenges etc.

Learning Materials

Use the Community shared materials by CoderCrunch or other members for your own events or simply follow or use your own materials.

Comprehensive Tools

Our platform provides all the required collaborations tool to ensure events members are connected and engaged .

Platform designed for running events quickly

Virtual Classroom
Platform provides a virtual classroom for communication and interaction via updates, messaging, event log etc.

Teaching Tools
Teach programming with interactive tool and test participant's knowledge with coding tests and challenges.

Collaboration Tools
Event calendar, task list and discussion forums help streamline collaboration amongst the event participants.

Progress Tracking
Assign badges, track learning and progress of the event members. Awards certificates upon completion.

All the essential Learning tools

Publish Assignments

Create Materials

Community Library

Programming Exercises

Programming Challenges

Hands on Projects

Learning Flashcards

Interactive Cards

Programming Quizzes

Programming Tests

Online Code Editor

Learning SlideDecks

Curated Videos

Answer Forums

Learning Pathways

Personal Evaluations


Event Listing

Publicly list your event, manage your events, members, enrollments etc.

Enroll Participants

Simply send invites to existing members or via email and enroll them.

Assignments and Gradebook

Assign work, accept members responses and even grade them.

Member Collaboration

Send messages to individual member or the whole group of members. Record and share class notes and more.

Event Hosting Pricing

Based on the number of members in the events(contest, bootcamp etc.) , one time payment, valid for the whole duration of event (3 months)



For 3 months

Up to 25 Active Members



For 3 months

Up to 50 Active Members



For 3 months

Up to 100 Active Members



For 3 months

Up to 200 Active Members

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