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Fibonacci Numbers

sum of last two! @prochallenges

Hailstone Numbers

raise your hands, you loves to play during hail fall! @prochallenges

Classify Hand drawn shapes (Quadrilaterals)

more complex drawing than the triangles that were found last time! @prochallenges

Classify Hand Drawn Shapes (Triangles)

are you a Mathematician? time to find out! @prochallenges

Spell out Numbers - II

time to spell large numbers this time! @prochallenges

SSN Validator

time to work for the IRS! @prochallenges

SIN Validator

Canadian equivalent number to US SSN @prochallenges

Credit Card Validator

work for VISA! @prochallenges

Simple Line Expression Calculator

evaluate a simple mathematical expression! @prochallenges

Tic Tac Toe Win Checker

check the game outcome @prochallenges
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