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About Google

Google is primarily a search engine company that is a subsidiary of the holding company Alphabet Inc. Google has dominated the search engine market since inception, maintaining a 90+ percent market share as of 2019. The majority of Google revenues are generated through online advertising.

Mountain View, CA
1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page
Public (GOOGL)
~ 114,000
Sundar Pichai(CEO), Ruth Porat (CFO)
Internet, Cloud, Hardware
~ $138B
~ $30B
Overall Rating

Mission & Culture


Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Approach to Search

  1. Deliver the most relevant and reliable information available.
  2. Maximize access to information
  3. Present information in the most useful way
  4. Protect your privacy
  5. Sell ads, nothing more
  6. Help creators succeed online

Core Values

1) We want to work with great people

We hire great people and expect a lot from them

We create an environment where people can flourish and grow

We treat people with fairness and respect

We challenge each other’s ideas openly

We value diversity in people and ideas

We are a quantitative company that uses data to make decisions

2) Technology innovation is our lifeblood

Build the world’s best technology and products

We apply technology and creativity to solve important problems

3) Working at Google is fun

We expect our people to know and enjoy each other

We have a challenging/energetic work environment

We celebrate our successes and each other’s accomplishments – both professional and personal

4) Be actively involved; you are Google

Honor commitments

We openly communicate and trust you with a great deal of information and we expect you to honor our confidentiality

Understand when you are representing Google and act appropriately

5) Don’t take success for granted

Think and act like an underdog

Be humble with success; don’t be arrogant

Be scrappy and resourceful

6) Do the right thing; don’t be evil

Honesty and integrity in all we do

Our business practices are beyond reproach

We make money by doing good things

7) Earn customer and user loyalty and respect every day

Create, enhance and maintain great products and services

8) Sustainable long-term growth and profitability are key to our success

Think scale and efficiency

Every dollar is yours

Do things that matter

9) Google cares about and supports the communities where we work and live

We encourage and enable our people to support local community involvement and expect them to participate

10) We aspire to improve and change the world

Aim high; think BIG, take risks

A healthy disregard for the impossible


  • Google has been one of the best companies to work for a consecutive serval number of years.
  • Google focuses heavily on the problem-solving questions involving data structures and algorithms only.
  • Google receives more than 2 million applications a year, it is very competitive to get in Google.
  • Google does have a hiring committee and hire or no hire decisions can take longer.
  • Google has a separate job ladder for engineering and management.
  • Most of the Google application is mature so unless you get involved in a new project it can be mundane work.

The following are engineering levels at Google:

  • L3 (SWE II) 
  • L4 (SWE III)
  • L5 (Senior SWE)
  • L6 (Staff SWE) 
  • L7 (Senior Staff SWE)
  • L8 (Principal Engineer)
  • L9 (Distinguished Engineer)
  • L10 (Google Fellow)
  • L11 (Senior Google Fellow)

The following are management levels at Google:

  • L6 (Manager)
  • L7 (Senior Manager)
  • L8 (Director)
  • L9 (Senior Director )
  • L10 (VP)
  • L11 (Senior VP)

Google has large number of diverse products from software to hardware. The following are some of the key products:

  • Google Search Engine
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Cloud
  • Gmail
  • Android
  • Youtube
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Drive
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Maps
  • Google Pixel
  • Chromebook
  • Google Docs
  • Google Analytics
  • more...

Google main competitors are :

Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Netflix and Hulu are powerful competitors for Google's YouTube.

  • Free Meals 
  • Free Snacks
  • Housing Stipend
  • Transportation
  • Health Benefits
  • Laundry @ Work
  • On-Site Gym

Software Engineer


  • Initial phone screen with the recruiter
    • An initial phone screen with the recruiter to understand the candidate's interest, job location preference and to review the overall interview process.
  • 1-hour technical phone interview with an engineer.
    • The interview generally asks a bit about yourself and your project and asks to solve or two medium-level algorithmic questions.
  • An onsite interview with 5 rounds and 1 lunch interview.
    • The 5 rounds of interviews mostly are geared towards candidate solving algorithm problems on a whiteboard along with one or two rounds of System Design depending on your experience.
    • The candidate talks to one interviewer in each round.
    • Also, technical knowledge based on your job role and your soft skill are evaluated from your answers to behavior questions all throughout the onsite interview.


  • The interview process takes 5-6 weeks on average.
  • All phone or onsite interview as 1 hour each.
  • The launch interview is also a very important aspect, don't take it lightly.
  • Coding during the onsite interview is on a whiteboard, but Google has started to offer laptops for coding interviews in some sites.
  • Each interviewer submits its review to the hiring committee, which finally makes a decision to give or pass on the offer.
  • Sort out the top K frequently used words by users.  
  • Given a stream of characters and a keyword, print the keyword if the stream has contiguous character sequence matching the word keyword.
  • Given an array of meeting time intervals consisting of start and end times, find the minimum number of conference rooms required.
  • There is a new alien language which uses the latin alphabet. However, the order among letters are unknown to you. You receive a list of non-empty words from the dictionary, where words are sorted lexicographically by the rules of this new language. Derive the order of letters in this language.
  • Given a string, find the length of the longest substring T that contains at most k distinct characters.
  • Given a stream of integers and a window size, calculate the moving average of all integers in the sliding window.
  • Design a hit counter which counts the number of hits received in the past 5 minutes.
  • Given a string, determine if a permutation of the string could form a palindrome.
  • Given a binary tree, find the length of the longest consecutive sequence path.
  • Given an Android 3x3 key lock screen and two integers m and n, where 1 ≤ m ≤ n ≤ 9, count the total number of unlock patterns of the Android lock screen, which consist of minimum of m keys and maximum n keys.
  • Given a binary tree, return the vertical order traversal of its nodes' values. (ie, from top to bottom, column by column).
  • Design Google Maps
  • Design a garbage collection system.
  • Design a Job Scheduler and check track job from start to completion (multiple machines with different CPU and Memory).
  • Design a webpage that can show 10M+ users status including name, photo, badge, points in real time.
  • Design a calendar Application (e.g Google's Calendar)
  • Design a recommendation system for products.
  • Design a web crawler.
  • Design an API Limiter.
  • Design Google Images.
  • Tell me about your project you are most proud of?
  • Give an example of how you worked on a team.
  • Tell me about time you took a risk and you failed?
  • How did you handle a task where you had a deadline that you couldn’t meet?
  • Give an example of when you had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with.
  • Tell me time when you have to make a pivot and choose a different approach or solution.
  • Share an example of how you were able to motivate employees or co-workers.
  • Tell me about a time you had an innovative idea that had a positive impact.

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