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OWASP 10 Top Explained   Follow secure coding practices.

1 Units , 10 Lessons

This course covers the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.  It explains all the 10 vulnerabilities listed by OSWAP and presents secure coding practices to avoid web apps getting exploited by attackers. 


Instruction FormatBite sized (Videos)
Effort Required3 - 4 hours
Earn PointsYes


 Unit  1  Top10 Vulnerabilities
1   A1 Injection - sanitize all input before processing!
2   A2 Broken authentication and session management - keep session safe!
3   A3 XSS - prevent Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
4   A4 Insecure direct object references - disallow direct references!
5   A5 Security misconfiguration - tighten your security!
6   A6 Sensitive data exposure - secure your data!
7   A7 Missing function-level access control - provide fine grained access!
8   A8 Cross site request forgery (CSRF) - be cautious!
9   A9 Components with known vulnerabilities - dealing with 3rd party libs!
10   A10 Unvalidated redirects and forwards - check before you redirect or forward!

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