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Algorithms by Example   Understanding Algorithms using flowcharts.

4 Sections , 6 Topics

Welcome to the Algorithms by Example Guide. This guide attempts to cover most of the fundamentals algorithms for the beginner programmers. Flowcharts would be used as the primary tool for communicating the algorithms along with pseudo code or/and detailed explanation if deemed necessary would be provided.

The guide is work in progress. Please subscribe to get updates as and when new algorithms are added. Also please leave a comment or sent in a message if you like us to work on creating an algorithm for a particular problem that we have not covered so far.


 Section  1  Numbers
3   Find the largest of 3 numbers - without sorting!
4   Find the largest and smallest of three numbers - min and max value of 3 numbers!
 Section  2  Dates
5   Validate if the year is a leap year - 29 day in Feb!

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