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Facebook Interview Guide   Land on your dream job at Facebook

4 Sections , 15 Topics

The interview guide prepares the candidates for Software Engineering and Management related job roles Interview at Facebook. Follow the guide and land on your dream job at Facebook.


 Section  1  Overview
1   About Facebook - The largest social network
2   Facebook Culture - Bring the world closer together
3   Facebook Competitors - Competition is mostly its about advertising dollars
4   Facebook Product & Services - The bread and butter
5   Facebook Employee Benefits - The more the merrier
6   Facebook Teams - Small Teams, Big Impact
7   Hiring at Facebook - The bottom line
 Section  2  Software Engineering
8   Facebook Software Engineering Job - A sample job posting from Facebook
10   Facebook Software Engineer Interview Process - follow it throughly
11   Facebook Engineering Practice - scale to billions to users
12   Facebook Technical Interview Questions - focus on problem solving (algorithms and data-structures)
13   Facebook System Design Questions - practice design on whiteboard
14   Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions - prepare specific stories for all questions
 Section  3  Engineering Management
15   Facebook Engineering Manager Job - A actual job posting from Facebook

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