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Android How to Guide   A collection of useful recipes about Android.

4 Sections , 28 Topics

The Android How to guide provides quick recipes to common tasks that are encountered during Android Application Development. The solutions presented are tested, thus saving time and effort trying to build solutions from scratch.


 Section  1  UI
3   How to override back button press in Android? - no back navigation allowed!
5   How to implement a button OnClickListener in Android? - let the button be clicked!
9   How to create menu list in Android? - a list of options!
10   How to define styles in Android? - let's style it!
 Section  2  Web
 Section  3  Utils
20   How to send an email via Intent in Android? - better than snail mail!
24   How to get a list of calendars in Android? - finding out the schedule!
 Section  4  System
25   How to get memory used by an Android App? - less memory the better!

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