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Learning Tracks : Full Stack Web Apps

LAMP - Web Development

This is a complete course designed specifically for students who want to learn complete web development using the LAMP stack.
None Intermediate.
14 - 18++ years.
9-12 months (weekly class).

Curriculum Overview

This course is designed to cover all basic tools and technologies in the LAMP stack that are required to build complete dynamic and responsive web apps. It starts with covering the basics of HTML, styling with CSS, followed by learning fundamental Javascript, AJAX, DOM, Forms etc. for client side work. A students gain proficiency they are introduced to useful JS libraries like JQuery, Font Awesome and Twitter Bootstrap frameworks. Students learn to code the server side stack using PHP and SQL with MYSQL database with basic knowledge of linux and Apache for deployment and managing websites. Through out the course students work on various mini projects and at the end work on building a final complete end to end project with deployment. 

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