What age group does CoderCrunch cater to?

We offer very focus coach led coding classes. Kidd would benefit working with a coach. Once they start loving programming and mature they can then move on the working and learning independently with our self-paced learning the material and take their learning to another level altogether.

My child is new to programming, can he or she learn using CoderCrunch?

Yes, certainly. If your child is a self-starter or has some programming experience from a school, coding camp, etc. they can quickly learn new programming languages and practice coding.

My child is already learning to code from a coding school, how can CoderCrunch help my child?

Programming is all about practice, even if your child is learning elsewhere they can use the CoderCrunch Platform to improve their coding skills and to learn new programming languages and be more prepared for what is next in their life.

Does CoderCrunch cover programming subjects taught in school?

Our premium channels like AP Computer Science (Java), AP Computer Science Principles etc. help students prepare for Advanced Placement exams.