• An interactive tool for learning and programming practice.
  • A set of learning cards (10-25)  about a programming topic.
  • Clues and hints are provided to help find the answer for a cluecard. 
  • The goal is to find the answer for all the clue cards before the time runs out. 


  • Learn and reinforce programming terms and concepts. 
  • Master programming language syntax.
  • Practice microprogramming tasks.

How to use clue cards?

  • Open clues to learn more about the answer.
  •  Tap the Hint button and choose the type of hint to help you find the answer for the card. 
  •  Tap on the Skip Card button if you cannot figure out the answer for the card. 
  • Type in or tap on the letter on the answer panel to provide your answer. 


  • Each card provides a certain number of points.
  • Points can be learning or coding depending on the cluecards deck.
  • The lesser number of clues or skips or hints used, more points are earned.
  • Practice the set of clue cards again to earn more points next time around.


  • Reveal a letter - a single letter of the answer is revealed.
  • Remove letters - removes all the characters from the keyboard other than the nom matching ones.
  • Reveal vowels - reveals all the vowels in the word.
  • Reveal First - reveal the first letter of the answer word.


Cluecard View

Cluecard Hints

Cluecard Solved

Getting Started

  • Go to Cluecards
  • Search for cluecards by programming language or concept
  • Practice, and learn to program with interactive cluecards.
  • Earn points and improve your CoderCrunch rank today!