We are excited to announce the next release of CoderCrunch platform which brings out the much needed social and reputation features.


Badges are digital rewards for the learning, coding and contribution activities done by you. We have almost 80+ badges that we have created to award for various activities from simply joining the community, to creating content, for getting featured, doing learning and various other activities.  So what are you waiting for , check out the complete list of badges here and start collecting these awards and stay ahead of the crowd. 

My Profile Enhancements

Now you can enhance their profile by listing out your skills,  achievements, your profile on other social channels like Linkedin, Quora etc., adding city/state information and more much. This further helps you to be approached by other peers,  prospective employers and potential opportunities based on this valuable information provided by you as part of your profile. 

The following are the new data points that now can be added a part of your profile are:

Location Data points:

  • State
  • City

Skills Data points:

  • Skills Tags 
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Experience

Social Data points:

  • Upwork URL
  • GooglePlus URL
  • Reddit URL
  • StackOverflow URL
  • Quora URL
  • LinkedIn URL

Simply go to the Account menu and select Manage Profile link and start adding these additional data points and enhance your profile today!

Follow and Followers

Now user can follow other users. The follower of the user will be notified about the new content posted by the user.  So get started and follow your mentors, peers, teachers etc. Build your following and even earn badges. 

To follow a user, simply go to the profile page for the user and click the Follow button.

As always let us know that you think about these features additions to CoderCrunch platform. Your feedback is appreciated.

CoderCrunch Team