Programming Challenges 

Solve programming challenges and get ahead!

The best way to test your programming skill is to simply work on solving programming challenges. Our programming challenges have been very carefully designed so that students can learn some new or repeat some programming concepts and techniques, thus improving their skill. Follow the Programming Exercises channel to get notified of the new challenges that are posted on a regular basis.

Choose your Programming Language

You can work on your submissions to the challenges in Java, C++, Python, #C, Javascript etc. any language of your choice. 

Choose the level of Challenge

You can start with relative easy ones, look for the number of chilis (). More the chilis, the more difficult the challenge is. 

Earn points, badges and improve your rank

Once your submission is accepted, you get award certain number of coding points based on the chili level of the challenge. Also based on the number of exercises you solve, you get badges which further provide extra points. All of these coding points increase your overall points resulting in higher ranks and more visibility.

For sure, it will require effort and patience from your side, but this can help you test your skill and prepare you for serious competitive programming as well. So go ahead and get started on these today.

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Happy Coding!