Examples of the Best answers


I worked with the "XYZ" best engaging platform where I exceed the far beyond the expectation of the customer. In the music stream, how I changed the UI interfaces and features to add to support their use-case. I developed persona and started to role play and see the product from their perspective. I believed firmly that I have to deliver something that provides excellent value to our customers. As I start to build the products I realized that our user base mostly is not technology-savvy people who are much into this for entertainment and then anything else. How the fans would love to engage with our platform. I and my team conducted various music shows, to invite real fans and our signed artists. We saw how they use the product during shows and talked with them afterward to shape our product and services. Do everything possible to enhance the experience, provide value and treat the customer right at every touchpoint so that they start trusting you and your product or service. I still remember the complement to date from my clients for giving an shape to their idea.