Examples of the Best Answers


If my management made a decision that I don’t agree with, I would first try to understand the decision, its implication and find out the rationale behind the decision. May be perhaps that I don’t have the complete picture of why that decision was taken, or perhaps I am not able to get the rationale behind the decision. I would meet with the management and learn more about it and ask clarifying questions. If need I will talk with peers to get a better understanding.

Once I know, I would evaluate it objectively and subjectively and see which part I don’t agree with. I would come up with reasoning to challenge the decision or suggest amendments to make the decision more favorable to all parties. Irrespective of the above efforts, whether or not the decision is to agree, respecting authority and understanding that its best for the overall company, I would try to keep my judgment aside and work on the guidance of that decision.