Examples of the Best Answers


Work-wise, I had a great privilege to work with lots of great minds, whatever I took on, no matter when or how it was handed to me, I always have delivered to the best of my abilities and have met or exceeded exceptions of my team and my management. If we talk about relationship, I have maintained excellent rapport with my colleagues,  people respect me for my work, find very comfortable and reasonable working with my time and time again. The key to all this is to always do the right thing, strive for excellence and keep learning.

In my personal entrepreneurial venture, if I encountered a failure when I complete the product development with a set number of features and start to market to local companies. I had built the product around my teaching practice and use-case and believed that more or less this should work ze that the most of the schools catered to elementary or middle school kids were not serious about teaching and operated more like a place where kids can spend time with no continue growth or follow-through plan. Versus my practice was more about coaching in private and very small semi-private environment. The key to failure is to realize that issue at hand, think and define a plan to fix it and execute it efficiently. That is exactly what I did, I went from school to school, showcased the product, got more feedback about their workflows and made changes to the platform to support it. In doing so, I saw the product adoption increase.