Examples of the Best Answers


It's a serious decision. One has to non-biased and objective keeping long term vision in perspective. A wrong hire, can make or break a team, or set it back. It's very difficult to let the person go as well. So you have to be 100% sure.  Over the years, I have used different methods to evaluate, sometimes there were as simple a one or a couple of phones or in-person interview, having the candidate do some task, or think about a vague problem to see how they work on solving it. There are four things to look for:
1. What is the (passion, motivation) for this person? Do they like, believe or love in the mission?. Do they like, believe or love in the mission?
2. Does the person has the requisite qualification, skill, and experience to excel in the job, in other words, can they deliver the results?
3. What kind of attitude this person projects and will they person fit in (“our kind of team player”)? Do they have the fire to learn and grow, no matter their level of experience?
4. Does the person fit in all respects of the culture and do they possibly would uphold our values (trust, integrity, open communication, right judgment, bias to action, think big) with easily?