Examples of the Best Answers


I remember a situation long back where a senior long time developer was about to leave the company in 3 weeks and another junior developer was supposed to take over this work responsibilities and hit the ground running. The plan was that he would closely work with this person, shadow him on the day to day tasks so that he can take over soon. But over the course a week or so, he was not able to much progress in learning and he was getting stressed out as not much time was left. He approached me, and reviewed the I tried to access his learning and I could see he was not up to speed. So I met the leaving developer, I reiterated that importance of knowledge transfer and he agreed to collaborate better. Also, I asked the junior developer to come up with review code, documentation and come up questions and areas that you are missing the required knowledge.

I further set up a meeting on behalf of the developer to help facilitate the knowledge transfer session and participated in those as well. Doing so, over the course of next week, through a series of meetings, the developer was able to better understand the system and when this other person left he was successfully able to manage his roles and responsibilities.