Examples of the Best Answers


Decision making is a very important aspect. Also, the decision is be time-bound, so they have to be taken based on some unknown paths, or external events and some other factors. When I have to make a decision, I consider two aspects, the critically and impact of the decision and deadline by which I have to make it. So I work towards evaluating the possible choices, comparing the trade-offs with going each of them.  In my experience, something when you have no choice or one choice, the making decision is straightforward, whether or not that decision is favorable long term or short term. If you have multiple choices, that each one has to be evaluated for there impact and one to choose the one that works best in the given context. However, I do over a plan of a backup plan in case, the decision turns out to be not leading to a result we expect. Some decision requires input or agreement with my peers, team or management, so I tend to review and get feedback with the appropriate audience that may help me close the decision.