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Growth in the team implies the business is healthy, a good sign. However, it has to do right, particular the roles and responsibilities division else can led to consequences such as slowing down productivity, more conflict, dissatisfaction, etc. However, unto a certain size say 10, such side effects can be migrated by empowering team members to steer their own ships. You need to trust them to make decisions and direct their own reports without you breathing down their necks. This doesn't change the fact that it makes management and leadership trickier. Naturally, as your organization grows, your leadership style must evolve alongside it. So establishing clear processes is a must. As growth continues, you won't be able to work closely with every single member of your team so one needs to learn to account for it. Having a system in place for rewarding and applauding team members when they do great work is crucial. It does take time for new members to fit in and gel with other team mated to become productive, so they need to be shadow another team member till they can function independently. A good team onboarding program can help shorten this ramp time.