Examples of the Best Answers


I have encountered this kind of situation has happened several times wherein depending one the business requirement where is about a new features or augmentation of existing features, I reviewed the code to determine that best course of action. At times refactoring works better provided you have required time to do it and implemented or augment the code as per requirement, else these is not time to deliver the an alternative implementation or a different approach is taken since refactoring will imply that existing functionality would all be have to tested in addition to the new feature. I remember as part of an [ABC] Initiative to launch family plans, the existing implementation of the single line code and integrations had would have to be refactored to make room of the current program. This involved a lot of analysis and special approach such that we would be able to run the existing implementation, and roll out family plan for selected target customers in stages. We presented the case to the [ABC]management and asked them to allow us make these refactoring to be able to accommodate this new program in the current release, and other we would work on taking on the implementation of the new family plans with ease.