Examples of the Best Answers


The first thing I’ll do is to meet with my boss to get a clear understanding of her expectations and the challenges and projects that are most important to address. I will learn what my boss expects from me, and how he/she measures success in the role. Then I will work on meeting the team, getting the know the team, being able to connect with the team at some level and figure out my routine and how best I fit in the team so as to become a net contributor over the next months. 

I will learn about the functioning of the team, what other peer teams they work and support. I plan to know about the projects they are have worked on, their success and failure, and what are they working on now. I would get a sense of the workflow and challenges that surround them. Also, I would understand the overall company, some of its practices that will help me streamline my work. If possible I will look for a mentor to guide me along my journey. Finally, I will take the time to complete training on all aspects of the position, so I have the knowledge needed to get to work.”