Examples of the Best Answers


I am proud of all my work done to date. Worked on developing the platform that I designed for programmers in mind to help them teach coding. The platform includes a number of features including the ability to create self-learning courses, instructor-led classrooms, etc.  As we went ahead, I realized we can convert this solution to an LMS in schools and academies to teach all subjects and as well as computer science since the existing LMS did not support CS natively or at all.  In my view, we can simply change a few things about the LMS and could fit well for students from middle school to college. Nevertheless, due to limited resources at hand, I decided to start looking for customers and started to introduce the product and its features,. The reception was ok but I was not able to sell my product, the customer seems to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of features, and some of the workflows did not resonate with these follows. I worked with 7-8 different academies and got almost a similar answer, the product looks good, it has a lot of features, but they are looking for a much simpler solution as they did not want to add additional overhead and the student audience is very small in age. It should have been obvious that one size does not fit all. Finally, I decided to pivot and separated out the use-cases as to how academies work v/s keep the audience in mind. After working with the beta customer and getting their feedback, we were successfully able to narrow down the product offering which seems more obvious to me now that it was at that time.