Examples of the best answers


I believe in constructive criticism, I am an avid thinker, and over the years esp. while working on senior roles have learned to listen, absorb and analyze before you open your mouth. So I would do the same,  I would convey and emphasize the positives that I like about the idea?, its feasibility, its adaptability, its timeline, etc. as relevant “If have any reservation certainly want to point them out, as specifically, objectively and factually as I can.” “After all, the most important thing I owe my boss is honesty. If he can’t count on me for that, then everything else I may do or say could be questionable in his eyes.” “But I also want to express my thoughts in a constructive way. So my goal, in this case, would be to see if my boss and I could make his idea even stronger and more appealing so that it effectively overcomes any initial reservation I or others may have about it.“Of course, if he overrules me and says, ‘no, let’s do it my way,’ then I owe him my full and enthusiastic support to make it work as best it can.”