Examples of the Best Answers


I remember hiring a contractor for the [XYZ]. I shortlisted to talk to him out of 10 people that applied for the job. I interviewed him for 1 hour over a Skype conference call. I exhibited all the qualities of from right attitude, experience and  passion to do the job successfully. Following that I hired him and agreed on meeting on daily basis to review the work, address roadblock, finalize requirements and next steps. However  he did not show up for the meeting on the same day, I messaged him but there was not response. Later in day, he messaged me stating he be available from tomorrow. So I open the conference again and he was not there, he was offline, I waited for 15 minutes and dropped. Later me pinged me stating he is available now. So I open the conference call and he joined. Before we started, I expressed my disappointed and made in aware that such a practice is not acceptable. I made is aware of the expectation that once you agree to date, time and delivery it has to delivered, if there are reasons for being late or not even meeting the expect that should be at least notified and that too in advance and clearly. I made sure he understood and agreed to the working protocol or else this work engagement could not carried forward. This counseling set the tone of work and exception, and for the next 1 and 1/2 years we worked together this is not an issue.