Examples of the Best Answers


I suppose in hindsight you can always find things to do better, of course, but off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything of major consequence. In my last project, we worked on building the Next Gene commission platform. Since the external vendor was responsible for 80% of the delivery, due to budget and time constraints, it was decided to not write automated test tools for web/API initially. But as we kept on building and delivering new features, manual the testing became a bottleneck for us. Due to the complexity of certain use-case, it was difficult to test all scenarios, leading to repetitive bugs. I talk with my management and led my team to build test automation around key central use-cases. This really helped us to check the build quality as a new feature was built as we would quickly find issues. If we could have implemented that day one, it would have saved us overall 10-15% more time.