Examples of the Best Answers


I am delighted that you asked this question because I have created a 30-60-90-day plan based on my understanding of the role. The first thing I’ll do is to meet with my boss to get a clear understanding of her expectations and the challenges and projects that are most important to address. I will learn what my boss expects from me, and how he/she measures success in the role. I would work on getting the know the team, being able to connect with the team at some level. I will work on understanding every member on the team, to understand their strength and weakness from their perspective. I will learn about the functioning of the team, what other teams they work on, I will know about the projects they are have worked on and what are they working on now.

I would learn more about future initiatives and pipelines. I would get a sense of the workflow and challenges that surround them. Beyond that, I would work on determining my routine and be able to define my monthly, quarterly and yearly goals, my plan so as to become a net contributor over the next months. I will enable my self to be part of and led some projects or delivery and learn about the product along the way. Also, I would work on understanding the overall company, some of its practices and engagement. If also work on connection with my manager, trying to learn and play alongside his way of management. At the same time, I  will look for a peer mentor to guide me along my journey. Finally, I will take the time to complete training on all aspects of the position, so I have the knowledge needed to get to work.