Converting Weblogic to JBossAs talked in the last post Porting Application from Weblogic Server to Jboss Questionaire the following is interview of a team who performed the Weblogic to JBoss porting in their company.

<!>1) What is the approach you followed, did some proof of concept (took some module of application/ one of the applications and tried to migrate and see challenges) and went ahead or  directly worked on migration project?.
There no formal POC. Directly started migrating actual application.

2) What are the challenges you faced?
Permission issue with EJBs.Modify the policy file of the JVM.Issues with JSPs in accessing the Java Util package without explicit imports. Explicit import statements are added.

3) what are the possible time lines expected for the migration? how long it took for you to migrate?
The application is having around 12-15 session beans and 3 wars, took 2 months 15 days  for the migration

4) What the changes expected with JDK? Did you upgrade to JDK 1.6 from JDK 1.4 or any JDK changes you did when you migrated?
not much impact. we need to avoid usage of enum keyword

5) What are the vendor specific changes you had to do ( converting weblogic specific configurations/calls to the code  to Jboss and adding new configurations/doing code changes specific to Jboss?
     a) Initial Context factory change
     b) weblogic-ejb-jar.xml should be relaced with jboss.xml
     c) If any weblogic specific packages are used in the code, we need to find out corresponding alternatives for the same. we didn`t have such packages used in our application.

6) Any database specific changes expected (drivers or libraries or configuration changes)? which database are you using currently?
we are using TopLink 1.2 which is working fine, where as the current version of Toplink is around 10.0 or +.

7) Any J2EE specification that was supported by Weblogic but not supported in JBoss?
we have not come across such specifications

8) What are the run time issues you encountered?
     a)we have faced permission issues with ejbs while loading during runtime.
     b)imports of Java util package in JSPs
     c)removed APP-INF/lib folder structure in EAR instead kept all the JARs in lib folder inside EAR.

9) Did you find any compatibility issue with any third party OSS library?
No. Toplink 1.2 is working fine.