Examples of the Best Answers


I remember in my last project, I led the architecture of the commission project. The project was managed by the team for 15 years or more and they had a certain way of doing stuff. There was no documentation of the architecture or apps. There was constantly a lot of production issues on day to day basis, at certain places these were due to loose couple integrations with error recovery, making it fragile and some places there was tight coupling, making it difficult to extend with new features.

I reviewed all such scenarios, and presented them with optimal design, using the latest approaches carefully keeping the requirements, maintainability, and scale in perspective. However, since the team has been using the same stack and processes for year, they were hesitant on some of the approaches. So I went further and provided more relevant examples from other implementation in the industry and well other teams that were using similar implementation. In the end, I was able to convince them to go with my design and approach choices, and the project was well delivered and it solved the problems at hand, earning their respect for the excellent work.