Examples of the Best Answers


Story: Project delayed, requirement creeps and working overtime. I remember a situation where we had to deliver a project, the requirements gathering took longer than expected and further additional requirements were added but the timeline could not be extended. So the team was asked to work on weekends. Initially, the team was worked 60-70 hours including a weekend for continue 5-6 weeks, and still, the delivery was behind. The team was reluctant to continue as such. I set up a daily call to go over the progress, but more importantly, I set up a meeting to hear from everyone how much they can contribute and what possible is their hard limit. I assured the team, while at times is difficult to compensate for their extra time, their efforts would be recognized and possibly be rewarded appropriately or at the minimum, they would be able to take comp time off. The key was to emphasize and understand each one and develop a plan to engage people in a way that they are willing to go the extra mile and feel good about it as well. I did this exercise a few times, once every week to determine the product. Doing so, there weren’t many questions, it was more an open platform and we were able to convince our team to do what as required to meet the delivery in time. And I made sure, the team efforts were compensated.