Examples of the Best Answers


I am an engineering leader with over 15 years of hands-on software and product development experience. I am someone who prides myself on leading software development teams to deliver complex projects with excellent outcomes.

      I have spent 14 years working as a Senior IT ArchitectXYZ,  leading an onsite and offshore team of engineers. I have won several performance awards and have been promoted twice. I love managing teams and solving customer problems. Overall, my team has been very successful, and I like to think that I and my team contributed to that success.

Before that, I was with ABC as a lead software engineer,  leading 15 developers. I worked on creating the architecture, the API stack, and implemented a number of integrations to build a complete MVNO solution for scratch. I was very successful in my role and got promoted as well.

I got an opportunity to start to be the Co-Founder and  Director of Engineering at PRQ I hired, built and managed an engineering team of 5 engineers across multiple engineering disciplines. I led the team to develop excellent education-related products and our apps were featured in Apple Appstore and have won multiple awards in the STEM category.

I would describe myself as some who is versatile, determined and adaptable.

I believe in life long learning, as such I have worked on mastering the latest technologies such mobile apps for iPhone or Android Platform, Web apps and building cloud-based solutions.

Although I love my current role, I feel I am ready for a more challenging assignment and this position really excites me. I do believe that I have a strong mix of technical knowledge and personal management skills, combined with the right experience and passion to lead a team to high standards.