Examples of the Best Answers


The key here is to be understand that we as humans need to be right state of physical and emotion well being into to be productive. So, it possible that due to self or other internal or external or personal reasons the performance of an employee may go down. Nevertheless,  it critical is able to look for pattern or such signs, monitor and detect it in advance if possible. I try to nudge the employee in correct directions and If I see some repeat occurrence, bring it up with the employee in private. During such meeting,  try to listen to them, understand what is going on, be clear with what your expectations and figure out how to help get the employee back on track. Also, It is also important to take action or provide critical feedback timely, so that you can give the other person a change to recover.Have a one to one meeting with him. Check with him if he is facing any roadblocks in completing his tasks. If required arrange a training course for him or assign a mentor to work with him. Once training is over, give him ownership of some tasks and see if there is any improvement. If he expresses interest in some other area of work, help him in getting in touch with managers in that area and ensure a smooth transition for him and for the team.