XCode 4 ShortcutsWith the introduction of XCode 4, a lot of shortcuts have changed. There are a lot of shortcuts but its kind of difficult to remember all, esp. when you are new to XCode knowing the most common shortcuts will give you most bang for you buck. The following are the most essentials ones that any developer would need to learn to be productive.  


Cmd+T Open a new Tab
Cmd+N New File
Cmd+O Open File
Shift+Cmd+O Open Quickly
Ctrl+Cmd+W Close Document
Cmd+S Save File
Alt+Cmd+S Save All
Cmd+W Close Window
Cmd+P Print File
Cmd+H Hide Xcode
Cmd+Q Quit Xcode


Cmd+Z Undo
Shift+Cmd+Z Redo
Cmd+C Copy
Cmd+V Paste
Cmd+A Select All
Cmd+F Find
Cmd+G Find Next
Cmd+E Use selection to Find
Cmd+: Spelling & Grammar Check
Ctrl+Space Show Code Completion
Ctrl+I Re-Indent Code
Cmd+] Shift Right
Cmd+[ Shift Left
Cmd+/ Comment Selection
Alt+Cmd+Left Fold
Alt+Cmd+Right UnFold


Cmd+0 Navigator Tab
Cmd+1 Project Tab
Cmd+2 Symbol Tab
Cmd+3 Search Tab
Cmd+4 Issue Tab
Cmd+5 Debug View
Cmd+6 Breakpoint
Cmd+7 Log View
Ctrl+1 Show Related Items Menu
Ctrl+2 Show Previous History
Ctrl+3 Show Next History
Ctrl+4 Show Top Level Items
Ctrl+5 Show File Groups
Ctrl+6 Show Document Items (methods)
Ctrl+7 Show Issues
Cmd+Enter Show Standard Editor View
Alt+Cmd+Enter Show Assitant Editor View
Cmd+M Minimize Xcode
Cmd+} Select Next Tab
Cmd+{ Select Previous Tab
Shift+Cmd+1 Welcome to Xcode
Shift+Cmd+2 Run Organizer


Cmd+L Jump to a Line
Shift+Cmd+J Reveal in Project Navigator
Ctrl+Cmd+Right Go Foward, next file
Ctrl+Cmd+Left Go Backward, previous file
Alt+Cmd+. Move Focus to next area
Ctrl+Cmd+D Jump to Definition
Shift+Cmd+L Jump To Selection
Cmd+' Jump to Next Issue
Cmd+" Jump to Previous Issue
Ctrl+Cmd+' Fix Next Issue
Ctrl+Cmd+" Fix Previous Issue
Cmd+J Move Focus to Editor


Cmd+R Run
Cmd+U Test
Cmd+I Profile
Shift+Cmd+B Analyze
Cmd+B Build
Shift+Cmd+K Clean
Cmd+. Stop
F7 Step Into
F6 Step Over
F8 Step Out
Cmd+K Clear Console

Text Manipulation

Cmd+Up Move to begining of the File
Ctrl+P or Up Move cursor up
Shift+Right Move Right extending the seleciton
Ctrl+N or Down Move Cusor down
Ctrl+Right Move Subword Forward
Ctrl+Left Move Subword Back
Alt+Right Move word Forward
Alt+Left Move word Backword
Ctrl+A Move beginging of Paragraph
Ctrl+E Move to end of Paragraph
Cmd+Right Move to end of the line
Cmd+Left Move to the begining of line
Alt+PageUp Move one page up
Alt+PageDown Move one page down
Ctrl+Y Yank Line
Alt+Up Move Paragraph Backward
Alt+Down Move Pargraph Forward
PageUp Scroll one page up
PageDown Scroll one page down
Ctrl+K Delete to end of paragraph
Alt+Delete Delete word foward
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Delete word backward