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I worked on various multiple-year projects over the last decade. The last big one was about 2 years long. It was a business-critical and complex problem that involved, moving all the front end applications onto a new platform called MSDP. This platform was supposed to provide the business will complete revised and optimized UI and UX flows, increasing customer satisfaction, platform usage, and retention. Along with that, I would have provided the business with improving admin functions, extensive reports, analytics and faster launch of products and services to market. Since MSDP was chosen as the platform, multiple teams from Ericsson were onboard. Due to the complexity of the project, the project was to broken down into the main 6 phases and 2-5 cycles with the phase. I was the lead architect along with my team from [ABC] side supporting this implementation. I worked with the lead from Ericsson and business counterpart to layout out system discovery phase, where my team would walk through all the apps, its features and functions based not that understanding [XYZ] would come up with new wireframes. We are given very little time about month to produce the entire documentation and present it to the team with a limited set of resources. I devised a project plan to divide find out the available resources and assigned the deliverables. We would review every day of progress and schedule interval review before the actual review of documents with the external team for quality and completeness. Our team did the walkthrough and the reviews help [XYZ] to define newly revised flows.Then we shadowed [ABC] team on building the functions using the new platform. We delivered the project to QA as per the plan. The implementation had a lot of issues, for which we had set up a squad team that I headed to test and determine the root cause. In parallel I led the deployment and release project plan, that involved detail step and traffic cut over from the old system to new system and how would existing apps work with the new system as we are deploying in phase. This whole project with delivered successfully in phase, the business was satisfied with the outcome, [XYZ] moved out and my team took us the maintenance of the application. I and my team received a recommendation and company-wide acknowledgment for the project delivery.