Examples of the Best Answers


Such a scenario happened last year, I started on a new project. This project was to build the next generation Commission platform. An external vendor team of 25-30 people was on board and they were responsible delivery of the project and I was to work as the Architect on the project leading a small team and working with the vendor and client team to design and develop the next generation platform. A delivery lead was assigned by the external vendor, and she was not a solution architect, she some IT background but she would not agree with my approaches and creating conflict at the time to design review with the client team.

I have been working on same team for the last 10+ years, am very much aware of various development practices and acceptable solution choices. Even the tech managers would agree with my viewpoint but she would not agree to a common middle ground. Nevertheless, I kept my calm, I knew was doing the right thing, I owned the design and responsibility of the system architecture, that was my job.

I was answerable to both the client and my management. I had to work with her constantly working with her, challenging here approaches and reasoning, giving her reasons and background about my choices and trying to push to do what I believed was right approaches for the client team. After a few months into the project, she started to realize the reasoning and justification for my approaches and things started to get better, I had won her respect and trust and we complete the project in 1.5 years together before the vendor rolled off and we took on the maintenance of the project in house.