Examples of the Best Answers


I believe knowledge is power, as such I have been consistent learner throughout, I kept on growing the depth of knowledge and was able to work and deliver projects as Individual contributor with excellence. When you work in a team, you realize that overall impact and result matter, not just your own. I found myself, working with teams and colleges, take on more responsibility , providing direction, solving the problems and saw that overall results where much greater  then the sum of parts. I am good listener, I have eye for the talent, I am to very easily connect with people provide context, lead and inspire people to achieve greater success,  and gain their trust with empathy and at the same time I am able to provide critical feedback,  I am passionate about my work  and I feel that my experience and my management ways will be very valuable in leading the team towards an overall greater success. In my last position, I was given responsibility for the launch of a new initiative. The Commissions Platform, It was a time sensitive and critical project, but I managed all of the details and delegated responsibilities with team-members. The launch went off without a hitch, and the team was praised for our efforts.