Examples of the Best Answers


In my last project, an external vendor team was responsible for project delivery. Due to resource limitation and timeline, that team would perform manual testing and due to complex requirements, the release would have a high number of bugs. I myself was occupied, nevertheless, I reviewed frugal ways to automate build, so we can have 80% coverage. So I finalized to use Postman as the tool for doing so. This tool allowed me quickly focus and create a positive test case, so now we know if something is work or not end to end in build right away. Further without much effort I extend the test cases to include testing for some commonly negative scenarios, make it further useful. I handed this tool to the other team, check-in version control, made sure we use and extend it, doing so I was able to solve this problem with some creativeness without slowing doing development, and increasing the production as we were able to find the issue upfront without much effort.