Examples of the Best Answers


The key is how you handle it. If you very well know this person then you can have provided him open feedback or involve in dialog, trying to point and understand the reason. And based on the reasoning, I possible can help resolve how best I can. If the person is not well known, as such direct open dialog may not be appropriate or perhaps an attempt can be made to understand and connect with the person at some level to be able to learn and understand the root cause and determine the solution accordingly.“For sure, when we working as a team, under a company letting the problem slide would only make it worse and overlooking it would set a bad precedent. I would try again and again and again, in whatever way I could, to solve the problem, involving wider and wider circles of people, both above and below the offending executive and including my own boss if necessary, so that everyone involved can see the rewards for teamwork and the drawbacks of non-cooperation.”I might add that I’ve never yet come across a situation that couldn’t be resolved by harnessing others in a determined, constructive effort.”