Examples of the Best Answers


Coming from [ABC] and from my personal belief, I believe in keeping the customer first. If there is no customer, there is no company. A company services and grows thanks to its customers. Happy customer promotes the company its products, make the company and its employee feel they are doing the right thing. Over the years, I have seen that word of mouth is the best form of market that is persistent and does not cost anything. So if a customer is angry, that must be a reason for it. The key aspect is to hear what the customer is saying or complaining about. Empathize with the customer, understand the concern, apologize for any wrongdoing or the aspect the determine the plan of action to fix the issue and make the customer happy. By giving the customer some credit for the trouble caused can help alleviate customer pain. The key is the make sure the corrective action is done to help the customer, and if the same applies to other customers, fix these as well. Also, make sure to put in process or get the product/service fix such that this particular issue may not lead to this any angry customer.
Remain calm. Practice active listening. Be sincere. Thank them for bringing the issue to your attention. Explain the steps you'll take to solve the problem. Set a time to follow-up with them, if needed.