Examples of the Best answers


I have known Amazon for almost 15+ years and have used Amazon services from books, amazon prime, music, video, Alexa, twitch and more.  I have to admit that I never have been disappointed and have been an amazon prime customer every since. Begin part of numerous consumer startups, I do understand, the constant hard work that goes in conceptualizing an product, challenging the status quo, providing a value to the customer, beating the competition, maintaining an open culture and more importantly how Amazon is able to build and maintain such an extensive set of business and product lines at scale. Seeing Amazon doing that very successfully over the years is just amazing. Amazon has a number of aspects I like about, the excellent work culture which I learned from current employees and during my research online, leading the industry and the innovation drive, forward-thinking, working with best of of the best, ability to reach the masses, and rewarding career opportunities as just to name a few. Amazon is a diverse company with great mindsets, and I would like to be part of the best-talented team and very strongly believe that I can bring in my experiences and approaches to help Amazon grow and at the same time learn and grow myself. From outside and based on my research, I see Amazon as my ideal company which I would love to work for,  I see myself motivated to be part of the bigger ecosystem with stunning employees, hope to get a chance to make a positive impact in one way or the other.