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Back in 2008, when iPhone as launched, That was a phenomena, and the concept of native apps took on. Back at the work, was working on J2ME based apps. I understood the importance of native apps and think had figured out that apps are here to stay. A such much of the resources to learn app development was spare. More over it required apple hardware the Mac as well as the iPhone to test it and learning new language like Objective C and tooling like Xcode to get going. The curve was steep so was the cost for purchasing the iPhone and Mac Book, But I understood I needed to keep up the latest in the world so that I experience it and use that to architect and build complete solutions. So I decided to opt for  the Mac during the holiday season with was couple of months away. Likewise I planed to purchase the iPhone I first quarter next year since my phone plan was up for renewal. Finally I would need to purchase the iTunes yearly subscription to release my app in the app store. In the meantime, I stared up to build a custom Hacking Tosh using my existing computer so that I can learn  iPhone development while got the required hardware. Later on a couple of months, I purchased So I setup my goal to learn app developments. I looked online for videos on youtube, read apple documents and spare tutorials that were available back then. Thanks to the small goals I had set along the way and the schedule I had created, I was able to get learn app development in about 6 months and subsequently I followed through purchase the Mac book, the phone, learning to build apps and App Store subscription and release my first iPhone app to the App Store. I was really a proud moment, the efforts was appreciate by my peers. Following that I kept on learning and build and learning new apps to the App Store every year, Apple add new feature to the platform.