Lambda Expression Quiz - Java8

Do you know that Lamda Expressions are? This quiz provides an introduction to Lambda expression in Java 8. Take the quiz to test your knowledge about Functional Programming in Java.

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Video based Quiz

Please watch the video and try to memorize the concepts before attempting the Quiz.

Notes for Quiz

  • In Java 8, Lambda expression is one of the biggest feature.
  • Lambdas are functions.
  • Lambdas can often replace an anonymous inner class.
  • A Lambda enables functions to be passed as an argument or return them as function return values.
  • It enables a new class of API's and programming styles (functional programming).
  • Comparator is a special kind of interface called a functional interface.
  • Functional interfaces are important because anywhere a functional interface is taken as an argument, it can be written as lambda expression.
  • Internal iteration is newly introduced in Java 8. For example list.forEach()
  • Method references are useful shorthand lambdas.
  • Lambda based code makes it easy to create fairly complicated structure by composition of smaller parts, resulting code is clear, concise and easy to modify.
  • Lambdas make code read more like the problem statement.

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