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Python Quiz 2 - Operators and Conditionals

Quiz yourself about Operators and Conditional in Python.

@python #Beginner 13 questions  

Python Quiz 1 - Variables and Datatypes

Did you know that Python is generally recommended as the first language for students? This Python quiz which will help you review the fundamentals of Variables and Datatypes usage in Python Programming Language.

@python #Beginner 15 questions  

Greatest Programmers Quiz

Do you know who is some of greatest programmer in the world and their contributions? This is quiz about some of the greatest programmers of the world and their achievements in the field of programming.

@learntocode #Beginner 10 questions  

Computer Quiz - Learn about computer parts

Do you know the various parts of the computer? This quiz introduces the basic parts of a computer to beginners. Students learn various parts of the computer by taking this quiz.

@introcomputer #Beginner 13 questions  

Functional Programming Quiz

This quiz provides multiple choice questions to test functional programming knowledge.

@devzone #Intermediate 11 questions  

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