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Learn, code and get discovered! Our motto says it all.
CoderCrunch currently is in beta, and was launched in Feb, 2016.

Our Mission

Coding is one of the most essential and sought after-skill of the century. It helps one think logically and solve problems creatively. CoderCrunch is all about helping students to learn code and practice programming in a fun and interactive way.

The Platform

CoderCrunch provides interactive programming courses, hands-on guides, programming challenges, tutorials and a variety of learning tools to keep the students engaged. Students can learn and practice on their own or with the help of a mentor or an instructor.

For Students

  • CoderCrunch provides a platform to students to learn, build apps and projects and showcase their programming skills.
  • Students can connect and follow other students and learn with the community of coders.
  • Students can take on programming challenges, rank in the leader boards, & feel accomplished and motivated to learn code.

For Teachers and Schools

  • Teachers and Schools can offer programing classes offline or deliver online instructions using the CoderCrunch Classes Platform.
  • CoderCrunch provides all the practice materials and instructions needed for the students to to master programming in the class.

For Parents

  • Parents can introduce CoderCrunch to teens so that they can to learn coding at their own pace.
  • For beginners, parents can even find instructors and mentors for their kids who can help them guide all the way through their learning journey.


CoderCrunch is founded by team of experienced teachers and professionals who understand the importance and need for programming. CoderCrunch provides such a social learning platform to help every one learn, practice and improve their programming skills to excel in school, college, or even for a job in the near future.

Advisory Team

CoderCrunch is fortunate enough to have a diverse and passionate group of advisors that help with product direction & feedback along with advocating and increasing the adoption of the CoderCrunch Platform to the intended masses. We sincerely appreciate and thank them for all their valuable efforts and contributions!
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