• Online Assessment Test
    • Two online assessment tests. The first test is a quiz and the second assessment test involves solving two coding problems in a fixed time.
  • 1-hour technical phone interview with an engineer.
    • The interview generally asks a bit about yourself LP principles and one or two medium-level algorithmic coding questions.
  • An onsite interview with 5 rounds and 1 lunch interview.
    • The 5 rounds of interviews mostly are geared towards candidate solving algorithm problems on a whiteboard along with one System Design depending on your experience.
    • The candidate talks to one interviewer in each round.
    • Also, technical knowledge based on your job role and your soft skills are evaluated based on your answers to LP-based behavior questions all throughout the onsite interview.


  • The interview process takes 6-8 weeks on average.
  • All phone or onsite interview as 1 hour each.
  • Each round is a mix of coding/system design and behavioral questions based on LP.
  • Coding during the onsite interview is on a whiteboard.
  • After the interview, each member of the interview panel submits their feedback about the candidate responses to the technical questions and LP principles and the hiring manager makes the final decision.