Google Analytics library is used to track application page views and other custom events. Simply create an XML file in the res/values directory called as analytics.xml

The following options can be configured:

  • Define your tracking Id, the analytics with recorded under that account.
  • Whether automatic tracking should be enabled.
  • Whether to enable automatic exception tracking.
  • Whether GA should run in debug mode. This can help in debugging if needed and should be set to false before publishing the app to the Play Store.
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?>
<resources xmlns:tools=”” tools:ignore=”TypographyDashes”>

  <!–Replace placeholder ID with your tracking ID–>
  <string name=”ga_trackingId”>UA-14132325-1</string>

  <!–Enable automatic activity tracking–>
  <bool name=”ga_autoActivityTracking”>true</bool>

  <!–Enable automatic exception tracking–>
  <bool name=”ga_reportUncaughtExceptions”>true</bool>
  <bool name=”ga_debug”>false</bool>