Key Aspects

  • Amazon is a very fast-paced, high-performance company that uses data to make its decisions.
  • The behavioral questions asked in the interview are heavily focused on Amazon's 14 leadership principles.
  • Amazon software Engg. the interview focuses heavily on the problem-solving questions involving data structures and algorithms only.
  • Amazon hires fast as well as fires the employee fast who are not able to meet the expectations.
  • Amazon does not have a hiring committee and hire or no hire decisions are made by the hiring manager and the bar raiser.
  • Amazon has a separate job ladder for engineering and management.
  • Amazon offers an RSU vesting schedule of 5%, 15%,  and 40% over 4 years.
  • Amazon generally asks for writing a sample before the interview.

Watch the video to learn more about how hiring is done at Amazon.

Review the facts, the key people, business and product offerings. Also, if you are not an AWS subscriber, take advantage of the 1-year Free trial tier and signup to learn more about AWS services. The more you know about Amazon, you will be a better position to talk about it and will be seen as someone who is not only curious but also has done their homework.