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Badges are digital rewards that are awarded to the members for achieving a certain goals. These goals can be openly advertised or can be hidden to surprise the members when they achieve it. So more the badges, a member collect, the more points they earn, higher is their rank.

Each badge also has a certain number of points or credits associated with it. Depending on the type of the badge certain badges can be earn once or over and over again. So go ahead and earn as many badges as you can.

All Badges

Joined Community x 1
Join the community and confirm email.
Earn 100 Points
Student of the Quarter x N
Demonstrated active participation, consistent work, team spirit and results over a quarter period in the class.
Earn 25 Points
Featured Student x N
Featured by Administrator
Earn 50 Points
Good Listener x N
Actively listens to the teacher in class, pays attention and engages.
Earn 25 Points
Student of the Month x N
Demonstrated active participation, consistent work, team spirit and results over a month period in the class.
Earn 25 Points
Good Learner x N
Demonstrated good and fast learning capabilities on concepts taught in class.
Earn 25 Points
Top Coder x N
Demonstrated excellent coding abilities during a project or the class.
Earn 25 Points
Excel in Test x N
Excelled in an assigned Class Test.
Earn 25 Points
Team Player x N
Demonstrated excellent capabilities with working within teams, keep the team above oneself at times.
Earn 25 Points
Excel in Project x N
Excelled in completing an assigned class project.
Earn 25 Points
Self Performer x N
Demonstrated overall improvement and intellect growth during the class.
Earn 25 Points
Engaging in Class x N
Actively engaged in class activities.
Earn 25 Points
Self Starter x N
Taken initiatives to learn or to work or solve problems for team on their own.
Earn 25 Points
Creative Thinker x N
Demonstrated creative thinking in the class to devise innovative solutions.
Earn 25 Points
Problem Solver x N
Demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills helping the team and oneself during assigned projects and tests.
Earn 25 Points
Consistent with Homework x N
Consistently worked and submitted Homework in time throughout the class.
Earn 25 Points
Positive Attitude x N
Demonstrated all round positive attitude towards learning, team, and teacher in class.
Earn 25 Points
Great Leader x N
Demonstrated great leadership skills while leading other team members during assigned projects and activities.
Earn 25 Points
Active Class Participation x N
Actively participated in the class discussions and activities.
Earn 25 Points
Perfect Attendance x N
Has been very consistent in attending the class, almost has a perfect attendance.
Earn 25 Points
Great Contributor x N
Provided excellent contributions in various activities and group projects.
Earn 25 Points
Good Socializer x N
Demonstrated good social skills in making connections and working amicably with class members
Earn 25 Points
Featured Content x N
Content Featured by Administrator
Earn 25 Points
Good Presenter x N
Demonstrated good presentation skills in various class presentations and projects.
Earn 25 Points
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