Coding for Kids & Teens.

Get your child started with coding and unlock their creative potential!

Why learn to code?

Kids spend a lot of their time and energy online playing video games, engaging in social media, etc.
What if they could spend some of that time learning to code and makes those apps and games instead?

Programming teaches kids how to think, and it improves their creativity and problem-solving skills.
What if your child could develop those skills and be able to apply in other walks of life?

Programming is the most valuable skill now and for the foreseeable future.
What if they can be prepared now for a bright future ahead?

Introducing CoderCrunch

CoderCrunch is an online platform where students learn and practice coding. Students primarily work with a coach as well as they can work on self-paced learning as well.

What are the benefits for your child?

Learn to Code

Kids learn by enrolling in bite sized courses and interactive tools at their own pace.

Practice Coding

Kids practice coding by doing programming exercises and mini projects.

Get Challenged

Kids solve a variety of programming exercises & challenges to test and improve their programming skills.

Grow and Excel

Kids grow their knowledge and coding skills while earning points, badges and certificates.

Assisted Learning

Kids can submit solution for review, ask questions and get answers from CoderCrunch staff.

Curriculum Based

Prepare for Advanced Placement® exams like AP® CSP and AP® CS A by learning C, Python, Java etc.

Learning designed for your child

15+ Programming Subjects
From popular subjects like HTML/Javascript/Python all the way to Java/C/C++.

Interactive programming
Learn with interactive and bite sized learning courses self paced in a fun way.

Hands on learning
Practice coding skills with tons of programming exercise, projects and challenges.

Learning Achievements
Earn badges, certificates and track learning and coding progress with leaderboards.

12+ Learning tools to keep kids engaged

Bite Size Courses

Interactive Courses

Hands on Guides

Subject Tutorials

Subject Exercises

Subject Challenges

Hands on Projects

Learning Flashcards

Interactive Cards

Curated Vidoes

Subject Quizzes

Subject Tests

Online Code Editor

Learning SlideDecks

Curated Videos

Answer Forums

Learning Pathways

Personal Evaluations

What are other parents saying?


My son loves using CoderCrunch. His programming skills have improved a lot. It is a great program!

- Vinetha Reddy
parent, Fremont, CA

Great Value

CoderCrunch plans are very reasonably priced and provide an excellent platform for kids to learn programming all the year around !

- Raman Joshi
parent, Pleasanton, CA


The Premium Plans provides excellent coverage of programming subjects, coupled with a good amount of programing exercises and challenges.

- Sanjeev Desai
parent, Newark, CA

The Advanced Placement® channels are a must of any one student taking AP® Computer Science A Exam!

- Karam Verma
parent, Fremont, CA

Get started today!

Learning Channels

 Intro to Computers
 Learn to Code

 AP® CSP Exam
 AP® CS A Exam



Membership includes:
  Access to Learning Portal
  Participate in Contest/Hackathons
  Enrolling in Classes
  Homework & Assignments
  15+ Learning Channels
  Access to all learning tools

Semi-Private Class (1x/week)


per student

Billed as one payment of $160 monthly
Paired Learning
  Small class size, 2 Students : 1 Instructor
 Online or In Person Class with Instructor
 1 hour coding class, once a week
 Personalized, hands on paired learning
 24x7 access to our LMS for self-learning
 *Must signup as two students together

Private Class (1x/week) Online


per student

Billed as one payment of $240 monthly
Online Class
 Student works with a private instructor
 Online Class with Instructor
 1 hour coding class, once a week
 Personalized, hands on learning
 24x7 access to our LMS for self-learning
 Signup anytime, no wait

Private Class (1x/week) In Person


per student

Billed as one payment of $280 monthly
In Person Class
 Student works with a private instructor
 In Person Class with Instructor
 1 hour coding class, once a week
 Personalized, hands on learning
 24x7 access to our LMS for self-learning
  Signup anytime, no wait

* For Semi-Private class, two students must register together, so pair up with a friend or family member.

Frequently asked questions

What age group does CoderCrunch cater to?

Our learning style and materials are more geared towards students of all ages (8 to 18+). We work with students and adjust learning based on their skills to take them to the next level.

My child is new to programming, can they learn to code with CoderCrunch?

Yes, certainly. If thee are learning r with no experience or have some programming experience in school or in a coding camp, etc. we can get them easily get them started with a programming track and build their coding skills.

What is the medium of instruction for self-paced learning?

All our learning tools (courses, projects, etc.) are text-based interactive tools along with video-based lessons for easy understanding.

Is there any homework or assignments?

Yes, you will be enrolled in our Learning Portal and your coach will provide you weekly assignments.

I am not sure which learning track my child should join?

Send us an email or call us, we can guide you and determine the best learning track based on your child's needs.

What about the classes?

The class whether private or semi-private, online or on site is 1 hour long on weekends. You will be assigned a slot.

Does CoderCrunch cover programming subjects taught in school and college?

Our premium channels like AP® Computer Science (Java), AP® Computer Science Principles etc. help students prepare for Advanced Placement® exams.

Does CoderCrunch prepare students for real-world jobs?

Our platform and style of learning involves understanding programming fundamentals, hands on project based learning along with extensive programming practice to prepare students for real-world jobs.

How long is a learning track ? Can I change it?

It all depends on your skill set, and time and effort you put it. Each learning track has 3 levels, so generally it takes 3-4 months to finish a level and 9-12 months or more to finish a complete track. Yes, you can change your learning track anytime as your like.

How is tuition fee charged?

The tuition fee is charged at the beginning of the month. Depending on the class setting (private/semi-private) and frequency, and medium (online or in person) your monthly tuition fee may vary.

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