Platform for teaching code!

Enroll students in classes, assign exercises & projects and track progress.


Create classes, enroll students, and teach a variety of subjects using the Classes platform.


Teach your students using a variety of innovative tools like Codelets, Flashcards, CrunchCards etc.

Learning Materials

Premium Plans provides a good amount of learning materials that your teachers can use for your own classes and create custom materials as required.

Get Visibility

Students can find and enroll in the classes offered by your school, resulting in more students enrollments for your teaching practice.

Learning designed for you and your students

All Subjects
From basic subjects like English/Math/Science all the way to Programing like Python/Java etc.

Teaching Tools
Your teachers can teach with interactive tool and test student's knowledge with tests and challenges.

Hands on Work
Re-inforce learning by providing exercises and hands on projects. Teachers create their own materials or simply reuse.

Progress Tracking
Assign badges, track learning and progress of your students. Awards certificates upon completion.

12+ Learning tools to keep students engaged

Bite Size Courses

Interactive Courses

Hands on Guides

Subject Tutorials

Subject Exercises

Subject Challenges

Hands on Projects

Learning Flashcards

Interactive Cards

Curated Vidoes

Subject Quizzes

Subject Tests

Online Code Editor

Learning SlideDecks

Curated Videos

Answer Forums

Learning Pathways

Personal Evaluations


Connect with students.

Students can follow your school and teachers and get updates.

Save time.

Teachers can assign ready made assignments, study sets, quizzes to your students.

Unlimited classes and students

Enroll any number of students in your classes.

Get started today!

  Run Instructor-led Classes
  Enroll and Manage Students
  Create self-paced courses
  Build your own Learning Portal
  Gamification & Payments
  Reporting and Analytics



per month

2 Billed monthly at $99 USD
 Up to 75 active members 3
 100 GB storage
 Instructor-Led Classes
 Self-paced Courses
 Premium Features1




per month

2 Billed monthly at $149 USD
 Up to 125 active members 3
 200 GB storage
 Instructor-Led Classes
 Self-paced Courses
 Premium Features1

Premium Plus



per month

2 Billed monthly at $199 USD
 Up to 200 active members 3
 300 GB storage
 Instructor-Led Classes
 Self-paced Courses
 Premium Features1

Premium Max



per month

2 Billed monthly at $249 USD
 Up to 300 active members 3
 500 GB storage
 Instructor-Led Classes
 Self-paced Courses
 Premium Features1

  • 1 Premium Features include Custom Domain, Custom Email, Custom Payment Gateway etc.
  • 2 Pay annually and save, pay for 11 months and get the 12th month free!
  • 3 Only active members can login into the Portal.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is active member?

    A member that can login into your Learning Portal and access content, enroll in classes, courses etc.

    How is the active member limits of a plan enforced?

    The active member limits are enforced when a member registers in your organization. You will be notified when you plan limit is exceeds so that you can take the appropriate action.

    Can I start with the Starter plan and upgrade to the Premium or Plus Plan?

    Yes, certainly. You can start with the basic plan and upgrade to Premium Plan anytime.

    Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

    Absolutely! You can upgrade, downgrade you plan at any time. All the feature remain valid till end of billing period.

    Does CoderCrunch take any cut for student enrollment in courses or classes?

    No cut is taken, the payment made by students for courses or classes is between you and them.

    What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and (in select countries) direct debit.

    What is the difference between Annual and Monthly pricing?

    With Annual pricing you pay for the year ahead and get discount, 1 month free!.

    Do I need a credit card to create an account?

    You do not need a credit card to create an account. The forever Free plan has no time limit, use it as much you want.

    Do you offer refund on monthly or annual plans?

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refund on monthly payments. For annual payment, we keep 1 month of payment and refund the amount remaining for unused months.

    What kind of free support is offered with a plan?

    We offer free support for any issue on all plans. Simply sent out a support request via the feedback form and we get back to you right away.

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