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Enroll students in classes, assign exercises & projects and track progress.


Create classes, enroll students, and teach a variety of programming subjects using the Classes platform.


Teach your students programming using a variety of innovative tools like Flashcards, CrunchCards and ClueCards.

Learning Materials

Premium Plans provides a good amount of learning materials that your teachers can use for your own classes and create custom materials as required.

Get Visibility

Students can find and enroll in the classes offered by your school, resulting in more students enrollments for your teaching practice.

Learning designed for you and your students

20+ Programming Subjects
From basic subjects like HTML/Javascript/Python all the way to Java/C/C++.

Teaching Tools
Your techers can teach programming with interactive tool and test student's knowledge with coding tests and challenges.

Hands on Coding
Re-inforce learning by providing programming exercises and hands on projects. Teachers create thier own materials or simply reuse.

Progress Tracking
Assign badges, track learning and coding progress of your students. Awards certificates upon completion.

12+ Learning tools to keep students engaged

Bite Size Courses

Interactive Courses

Hands on Guides

Programming Tutorials

Programming Exercises

Programming Challenges

Hands on Projects

Learning Flashcards

Interactive Cards

Curated Vidoes

Programming Quizzes

Programming Tests

Online Code Editor

Learning SlideDecks

Curated Videos

Answer Forums

Learning Pathways

Personal Evaluations


Connect with students.

Students can follow your school and teachers and get updates.

Save time.

Teachers can assign ready made programming assignments, study sets, quizzes to your students.

Unlimited classes and students

Enroll any number of students in your classes.

Get Visibility

Bring visibility about your school or institution to our global coding community and acquire more students.

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per year

Forever Free
 Create Class Listings
 Enroll Students in Classes
 Up to 2 active students
 Enlist yourself as Tutor
 No Teacher Library
 No Premium Features



per year

Billed as one payment of $99 USD
 Create Class Listings
 Enroll Students in Classes
 Up to 25 active students
 Enlist yourself as Tutor
 Access Teacher Library
 Premium Features1

Premium Plus



per year

Billed as one payment of $149 USD
 Create Class Listings
 Enroll Students in Classes
 Up to 50 active students
 Enlist yourself as Tutor
 Access Teacher Library
 Premium Features1

Premium Max


per year

Billed as one payment of $249 USD
 Create Class Listings
 Enroll Students in Classes
 Up to 100 active students
 Enlist yourself as Tutor
 Access Teacher Library
 Premium Features1

  • 1 Premium Features include access to all Premium Content and Download Exercise and Project Materials.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Does the premium plan include access to classes and premium channels?

    Yes, the premium plan provides access to the classes platform including the premium content for your personal use.

    Can we share content marked for the Teacher Library with students?

    Yes, certainly. The contents of the Teacher Library are meant to be shared with students.

    Can the premium content be shared with students?

    Students need to subscribe to premium plan before the can access premium content.

    What is the medium of instruction?

    All our learning tools (courses, projects, etc.) are text-based interactive tools. We plan to add video-based lessons in near future.

    Does CoderCrunch take any cut for student enrollment in classes?

    No cut is taken, the payment for classes by students is between you and them.

    We offer part-time tutoring services to students, can CoderCrunch help us?

    Yes, you can enlist your self as a tutor service provider and students can find you using our Search Tutor feature.

    Does CoderCrunch cover programming subjects taught in school and college?

    Our premium channels like AP® Computer Science A (Java), AP® Computer Science Principles etc. help students prepare for Advanced Placement® exams.

    Why are the payment yearly and not one time?

    The premium plan gives a full one year of learning at very low priced compared to other teaching platforms, and we add new courses, guides, projects, etc. every month thus providing more value over time.

    What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

    Can we start with the basic plan and upgrade to the Premium Plan?

    Yes, certainly. You can start with the basic plan and upgrade to Premium Plan anytime.

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